vista install problem


In Runtime
so im trying to install vista on my second hd to dual boot with xp i set my dvd drive for first boot so i could boot from the vista dvd. it goes to the black screen saying loading windows it finishes but then goes to a blue screen with a single line of text saying **stop and liek 0000006.(ooooo9x ect......... any help?
Not sure how your bios boots. On mine if I want to run something from cd/dvd as soon as it posts I press f8. That takes me to a screen that shows all the HD's and DVD drives. Then I just arrow down to the DVD drive I want to run and hit enter. Should say press any key to boot from DVD. Hit anykey and it should boot up. Not sure with vista though havn't run it yet but thats how i've done it with any other O.S.