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I downloaded a crack for a game and unfortunately it had 4 viruses packaged in it. I am confused though... and this is where i need help. Norton Antivirus detected all 4 em... and for each one it said it cannot repair them and cannot gain access to the file. I ran a full virus scan after Norton detected these viruses and the scan said my computer had no infections at all. I was using the most recent virus definitions when i made this scan. It has been about 12 hours since I recieved the viruses and nothing has even happened to my computer. Can someone help me out here??
Oh, and the viruses are:
IRC Trojan
I can't remember the other one (or two) because I'm on a diff comp heh... but I do need help asap!
What do you need help with? It sounds like Norton caught them and probably quarantined them - open Norton and check the quarantine section and see if those files are in there.

And next time, buy the game ;)
There are a couple of really good things you can do to help solve this situation.
1. go to and have them do an online virus scan of your system. Takes a while, but it will find everything.

2. I know I am risking some real static here but, get rid of Norton! download the free version of AVG by going to This program finds much more than Norton and it runs like a dream without the slowness of Norton or McAfee.

Good Luck,

Those virus that you mentioned looks more like torjan horse and backdoor program which hackers used.

Torjan horse and backdoor program are highly destructive, as they allow hacker to monitor and so call 'command' your PC. So if you have them in your PC, good luck.

I read that antivirus are the first line of defence to torjan horse, but there is still a chance that they could get through the defence of antivirus.

You should actually install a Firewall as a secondary defence. But they are quite annoying.

Try looking help from

If i remember correctly, you should be able to remove them from the registry if you know how to. Unfortunately i do not have such knowledge.
phoenixx said:
I know I am risking some real static here but, get rid of Norton! download the free version of AVG by going to This program finds much more than Norton and it runs like a dream without the slowness of Norton or McAfee.
I agree with you; you are risking some static, hehehe. :p I'm on the other side, IMO, you can't beat Norton. Yes, I've had all three. Not knocking your opinion phoenixx, mine is just different.

Like Chopper said, if Norton caught the virii, then they are quarantined and will not be found on another scan (since they are in the quarantined file).

Go Symantec! Lol. :D
As a sidebar, I run a computer repair business in Phoenix and the other day a customer called saying he was having some problems. I got there and we went to Symantec website and downloaded the latest virus definitions and ran a scan. Norton found nothing. I installed AVG and ran a scan and found 437 files that were corrupted by 2 viruses (not in the Norton Quaranteen). After cleaning up the bad files, he told me the computer had never run that good.

If this were an isolated incident, I would say, "Oh, that's computers" but I have seen this many times.

I am not knocking Norton. Just speaking from experience.

I have also had the same thing happen with McAfee so I am not too hot on that program either.

One of the things I jokingly tell my customers is that if it weren't for Norton, McAfee and Compaq, I would be out of business.

I do agree with Chopper. Next time buy the game!!!!!

Just my opinion.

I agrea with DMo224 GO NORTON!!!! :D for about 29.99 they've saved me from getting infected numerous times through kazaa {i hate it but i cant live without free files\music :D} lol
All the Hub-bub on the AV.. i read an article in MaximumPC that clearly benchmarked the superiority of NORTON over McAfee,,

I am pro-Symantec,, it has ALWAYS worked for me,, without a hitch!

McAfee , well I run that at work,, corporate thing,, you know the deal,,, anyhow,, right now we are working with EPO and McAfee and are having a Heckuva time getting the products to work with each other, and to find and delete,, get this,,,, the LOVELETTER virus from the Servers!!!! I am killing myself laughing,, but my director ,, well ,, he'll have "none of it"

right now,, I am running the Grisoft on my laptop and have nothing but positives for it too... no hanging,, slowdowns, lockups, nothing! runs great,, and tested its abilities with a couple of disks and cd's that I have lying around for make work projects,, *heh heh* Any how,, spotted em right away,,,

But how come no one has suggested Ad-Aware, or Trojan Remover ?? I have tested those too,, and they are fast , small , and effective...

Always Scan your Downloads!!!!*specially Kazaa*
well i find that NAV 2003 always tells me as soon as i download a virus through kazaa it automaticly tells me{ i hope it tells me of all of them hehe} :D
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