Vintage HP printers - who still uses and/or has one?


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I have owned many HP printers such as the deskjet 420c, 710, 815c, 3820 (broke after 2 years - common gear fault), 5550 which looked like a spaceship and currently an officejet k7100 a3 unit, love it and will own it until it gives up.

I gave my 420c to a friend who still uses today it alongside his newer all in one. The number 25 & 26 green capped cartridges are getting harder source these days.

HP printers of the 1990's and early 2000's were pretty well built, today the new ones look so poorly made. My brother bought his 920 in 2002 and its still fully operational today. I still see many vintage models in use today particularly in small businesses and among the less IT literate.

The classic 1120c A3 printer from 1998, so many still survive today. HP's thinkjet from 1984 at nearly 40 years old, there's still surviving examples and the ink is still manufactured for it.
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