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I have been trying to further my media understanding. For the longest time I had understood that a video file is one file, that has audio integrated into the entire thing. While I was looking into formats I saw the File Containers. Avi,Mov,MPEG,and Ogg being the most popular. For Avi At least, it said that there are 3 chunks, the part I am focused on are the audio and video ones. So when I open an AVI file am I opening two files at once? that are just contained in one file. And is there such thing as an AVI codec? is AVI just used to store audio and video that are in formats like Xvid or mp3. This has really gotten me confused and reading wiki has not helped in the slightest.

To simplify my Question:

How do Digital Video Containers work? Can they be stripped down to just audio or video. And are Video codecs are separate from Video Codecs. Thanks