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Hi guys,

If you had to build a computer specifically for professional video editing, what would you load it with? I have a friend who is entering university soon, and she wants me to build her a computer for this.... but she wants to use the computer for other stuff as well. Would a standard system with just extra RAM do the trick, or do I have to load some special video editing hardware as well?

Anthony. :)
With video editing the faster the system is the better since a faster cpu obviously encodes faster than a slower cpu (DUH ;)). Alot of people use dual (or more) cpu systems for video editing but it can be done on a single cpu system just fine (although slower). As with any system the more memory the better. As for software the 2 most popular titles would be Adobe Premiere and basically anything by Pinnacle. Just a warning if you do build a multi cpu system you cannot use a tv tuner type capture card (ATI Tv wonder,AIW Radeon,Hauppage,etc.). But you can use a firewire card to capture DV onto the system as far as I know (I have'nt heard of anyone having a problem with the firewire route).
if you want to go Dual.. Forget p3's go to Xeons.. They work better together and they go up to 2.53 ghZ.. And there made for this hardcore CPU straining that she's gonna load on it.. When it comes to anything else like internet and gaming.. She'll fly. :D
Xeons are a nice way to go if you go Dual, granted.

However your friend is entering a University and can't afford this option (most cant), I would say grab a Gigabyte Motherboard capable of handling at least 3GB of RAM and load her with 1GB of RAM. Make sure the video card also has at least 256MB of built in RAM (DDR). They make these cheeper and cheeper.

I WOULD AVOID THE TV-TUNER capabalities.. it's not needed and it DOES degrade performance. If there's no other option, then this is ok. All you would need is input in and out for video. Video software is the kicker. So much out there. However, she did ask you to BUILD the computer and not get the software (as i think this may be over-doing it). Let her get the software and reccomend her a few.

Let me know if you need any other help :)
Thanks guys! I really appriciate the help...

IF i use a GE-Force4 ti4xxx card for video, will it be enough? I'm guessing not cos those cards don't have enough onboard memory, and you recommended at least 256mb..
Another tip, and this goes for any kind of machine that will be doing processor intensive editing. If you have the ability to do so, SCSI drives would be a god send. Especially if you can get a few externals that you can daisy chain. IDE drives are beginning to catch up as far as performance goes, but for something as intensive as video editing every little bit helps.
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