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I recently purchased a Radeon 7000 64mb PCI video card.
Currently i have 384mb of SDRAM. After installing the card i still have 384mb, should i not have 448mb? The video adapter says its DDR SGRAM/SDRAM.

Thanks for the help
And your computer will show your video card and its ram at bios when you start up.


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azury said:
Where, on the computer ofcourse, I can see my video card memory size???

Right click your desktop, (takes you to Display properties) > Settings tab > Advanced > Adapter tab. Usually on Windows XP and 2K systems, the RAM amount will always show up there. If not, another way to check is DirectX properties (C:\Program Files\DirectX\dxdiag.exe) > Display tab.
You know, you could simply say to do start ->run->dxdiag..
never mind, I figured this out... thought there is a more accurate way...
thanks G4ce
Display>Settings>Advanced>Radeon 7000

Under there, there is a whole summary of your card. Company, processor, bios ver, etc...
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