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Buying a new video card for my pc its a PCI-E x16 looking to spend around 200-250$ or so, looking for what card would be best for my money.


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i'm not providing another example, but i have used both foxconn and evga cards and i have to say that evga deffinatly makes teh better card. that and its life-time warranty is nice. (hence the two evga products in my current build)


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That's why I also have the EVGA video card. Of all the class video cards, it has the highest clock settings and the warranty is excellent.


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My XFX 7600GT, has a 590mhz core clock, and 1600mhz memory, clock those are both higher clocks than that 7950GT and its cheaper? Is there another difference that sets them apart? The only other thing I see is the 128bit memory vs. 256bit, does that make a huge difference?