Video Card Upgrade


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Hiya all, been a member for years but haven't made many posts in the couple past, but I recently bought a new rig (Core i5-650 3.20ghz, 8gb DDR3 ram, 2 TB hdd and a Galaxy GeForce 430). I'm not exactly that happy with the GeForce's performance, it's pretty eh, and I'm wondering what a solid upgrade option would be, can fit any budget but I'm really looking for the best deal.

I was taking a look at some 6850s/70s and a GTS240 but the specifications don't look too different though I'm not too confident in the card itself, seems rather high temperature and kinda choppy. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks !


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if you want to stay Nvidia, the GTX460 is probably the best in the way of a good deal. I have it and I'm real happy with it.
Thou I did have to do some tweaking in the NVIDIA Control Panel.

If you want to go ATI, I think the HD 5830 is around par with the GTX460, but not positive.

But this will all depend on you overall system performance as well.