Video card trouble, NVIDIA GeForce 9600GSO, no video output. need guidance/suggestions to fix.?

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Small problem, was wondering if the wizards could help...

My brothers metal port covers came loose from the case and fell onto the videocard, so i fished them out with a paperclip. It was very easy to do but there was a small spark in the process. Now there is no video output from the board, but the monitor does recognize when you plug it in because the colour test bars disappear.

Would any one mind providing me with possible trouble shooting tips to repair this situation?

I kinda doubt that 1 spark could fry an entire board.

I've tried both video ports on the card, theres actually two geforce 9800s in the motherboard and all 4 ports are not displaying anything.

I tried it with another monitor too, tested that monitor as good using the same cord with another computer.

I have not tried another DVI to RGB adapter because i dont have one but i will try to pick another one up at radio shack when i can, but i feel doubtful thats the problem.

The computer boots fine and everything- all that happened was 1 tiny spark, and i know sparks this one was small.

how can i go about testing what the problem is? I want to isolate the issue, any ideas?

Heres an intersting update, so i just booted the computer regularly and i actually saw video output. I saw the bios screen and it even asked me to safe boot into windows. I chose to boot normally and even saw the windows logo. After some load time the screen blacked and the desktop didnt show. I tried rebooting, and now cant see anything- like im back at zero again.

Why would that have happened?
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