video card problems


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Today when i turned my computer on there were purple lines across the screen and the same for the tv connected to the same video card. The lines are in bunches instead of just straight lines running all the way across the screen. They are there for the entire time the somputer is running. My computer was fine when i was using it this morning. I looked for updates for my bios and found none. I have an AGP 8X ATI RADEON 9550


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are the lines in your bios as well. Check for updates for your video card and also see if you can rollback using this feature in windows. right click on my computer then go to properties click it then when the window pops up go to the the hardware tab then device manager then go your video card right click on it and then hit update driver and if that doesn't work see if you can rollback with a different option in that window. Have you check to make sure your monitor is firmly plugged in and then make sure your video card is too.