Video card problem..?


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I am able to boot up my computer and get to the desktop, whenever i try to play any video games my computer runs very slow then eventually locks up, it never used to have problems, infact it ran well for awhile, my video card is a Geforce 8500 GT. However, my computer also locks up whenever i try to watch videos, not right away but if im watching a show that's longer than 30 mins then i will get these blotches of distorted color on my screen, which makes me think it's a problem with the video card. I also think there might be a problem with my power supply, just because awhile back my computer was locking up with showing any weird colors. I would like to hear your opinion on this matter. Thank you for your time.


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Dradid, welcome to the Computer Forums! :)

Ahh, yes; the 8500GT. I know a friend with one of these. Based on your description of the problem, this is most likely overheating. Or drivers. Check your driver version first, and download new drivers from if you need to. I've had experience with overclocking my friend's card and I know that his runs at 50C to start; they run pretty hot.

To resolve this problem:
You, however, will need new thermal compound; It can be found at most computer stores, i'd suggest Circuit City, but they're closing. Try BestBuy.
Pull the card out of the system and (you may need needle nose pliers) pull the heat sink off. (if it uses a push pin system, turn it over and use the needle nose pliers on the little hooky things :p) and wipe away the old thermal applicant with a dry papertowel. You may need rubbing alcohol. Once that's done, apply the new compound and use a credit card or something to spread it thin. Clean off the metal heat sink, too. Then just put it back on. You should be set.
Feel free to PM me for any sort of help or questions.

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I would first check the temperatures of your components in your PC to make sure they are with the manufacters thermal limit specifications. Then do through the following.

Routine System Optimization (by LambofGod)

Note: When you are installing the programs below, I recommend you use the custom install options and deselect unneeded features such as included “toolbars” ect..

1. All Driver updates (examples , )

2. Windows Updates and latest Service Packs ( )

3. Full anitvirus scans with a program such as

AVG antivirus

4. Full spyware scans w/ 2 diff spyware programs such as


Spybot Search and Destroy

Malware Bytes

5. Msconfig the startup

Windows Vista

Click on the Vista start icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.
Type MSCONFIG in the search box and then either press enter on your keyboard or double-click on the MSCONFIG program that appears in the search results.
To prevent you from accidentally making changes that could destabilize your computer, Vista asks you for permission to continue. You may see a box asking you to key in your computer's administrator user name and password. Or, if you're already logged into Vista as an administrator, you may see a box asking you if you would like to continue. Either way, follow the on-screen prompts to give Vista permission to continue.
Once you have successfully passed through Microsoft's User Account Control roadblock, Vista will launch Microsoft's System Configuration Utility. Click on the Startup tab.
Uncheck the programs that are unneeded at startup. If you are unsure of what a certain program name is, use to search for the name or post on this forum and we can help.
After you have de-selected the unneeded programs click ok and you will be prompted to restart.

Windows XP

(go to start, run, type *msconfig* go to the startup tab)

Now disable all the services that you do not NEED to have running. For example Adobe speed launch ect…..

You can also go to the tab services, then check the box *hide all Microsoft services*
And disable service there that you do not need

(this will not get rid of the programs, just stop them from starting up)

6. Disk cleanup

Windows Vista

Click Start, Click All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Cleanup,Click the Files from all users on this computer option, Click Continue when prompted that Windows needs your permission to continue, Click Drive C (or whatever drive you want to clean), Click OK. Select all boxes and click ok.

Windows XP

Go to Start, programs, accessories, system tools, disk cleanup.
Select the drive you want to clean.
After it scans the drive select all the boxes you want to clean files out of.
(usually all of them) Click ok.

7. CC Cleaner

Download and Install CC cleaner from the link above.
Do a scan and remove the temp files it finds.
Also scan your registry and make a backup before you fix the issues it finds.

8. Check disk

Windows Vista

Go to my computer, right click on your root drive (usually C:\), select properties,
Under the tools tab, under “error checking” click “check now”. Continue and once the check local disk dialog box appears select both options. (Automatically fix file system errors and scan for and attempt to recover bad sectors). You will have to schedule a diskcheck and reboot. Once your machine reboots the diskcheck will begin. This may take a while to run. Do not Interrupt this!

Windows XP

Go to start, run, type “cmd”, make sure you are on your root drive (usually C:\), type “chkdsk /f”, type “Y” .

Then restart your system

*if you are not on your root drive type “cd C:\ “ assuming C:\ = your root drive*

9. Disk defragmenter

Windows Vista

Click Start, Click All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Select Disk Defragmenter.
Select your Root drive first (other drives can be done next) and select defragment now. (you can still use your PC while this process is running.)

Windows XP

Go to start, programs, accessories, system tools, disk defragmenter.

Select the drive you want to defrag and press “defrag”

(this may take a while)

Hope this Helps – LambOfGod