Video Card Problem...Please help!

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Alright, I have had a Geforce 4 Ti4200 for months now and after installing XP Pro Windows can't find my video card. What I mean by this is it is not listed in device manager, infact "display adapters" icon is mission all together in device manager. I have download all the latest updates for windows xp and have downloaded the latest drivers for my video card. I can't install these drivers though because windows can't find my card as I mentioned. Please help if you can. Thanks a lot.
Have you tried installing a 'standard' M$-supplied driver first?

Go into display properties > Settings tab > click Advanced > Adapter tab > properties button. Click the driver tab and click 'update driver,' and select 'install from list or specific location.' Then afterwards, choose to select a driver from the list. Then a list will show up of the available standard drivers. After you have installed it, reboot and install the Detonators.

Hope this helps.
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