Video card or monitor problem

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I have a Radeon 9200SE and a Compaq TFT450 flat panel display and a while ago my monitor would frequently started fickering and getting all garbeled. I then changed the refresh rate to 75hertz and it seemed to fix the problem. Recently the display has been acting up so i tried going through the refresh rates but none seem to stop the problem. My display seems to be flickering almost non-stopped so any help would be appeciated!:)


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Check your connections. Simple, yes. But check them.

You can try to update your drivers (video card, and possibly monitor if available). But it sounds more like your monitor may be going out.

Have you tried to hook it up to a different computer? Or anything else with the right outputs? Best to rule it out one way or another.

Or have you tried to hook up a different monitor to yor card?
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