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I'm using an Nvidia GeForce 2 Pro video card with 32 MB of VRAM in a Dell Optiplex system. The video output runs through an interface which outputs to a projector and a monitor. Periodically, the machine will give off a buzzing sound, which stops when the machine is rebooted. Other than restarting the machine, the only way to stop the buzzing is to remove the horizontal sync line from the interface. Does anyone have any ideas on what causes this problem, and how it can be fixed other than restarting the machine?

The videocard fan may need to be cleaned. Generally, the most sensible way is to have the card itself replaced, but if you're willing to try at your own risk, you may clean the fan itself, but first unplugging it - and then taking it off (usually by unscrewing the screws which hold it in place with the heatsink), and usually cleaning any dust/etc. with a slightly damp or dry cloth.
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