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I purchased a laptop that has some obscure OS called "Windows CE." Apparently, this is the 6.0 model.

After reading about this on Wikipedia, I found that it was originally intended for PDAs and cell phones. This must be why they chose Windows CE, instead of some mainstream Windows: The specs are pitiful by today's standards, so they must need an OS that can run smoothly on such horrible specs.

In fact, here are the specs right here:

VIA ARM-WM8505; 300MHz
2GB Solid State Disk hard drive
Microphone and speaker have already been integrated, as have the graphics and sound cards.

The netbook has already come complete with Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, MailBox, Microsoft Media Player, MSN photo Viewer, WinRAR, and Skype.

Does anyone know where I can find some free software that can capture footage from a webcam, such as Microsoft Movie Maker, that is compatible with this OS?

EDIT: Or, could Skype potentially create "video voicemail" for lack of a better term? Can Skype, without any further cost, create videos that can be attached to emails, uploaded to Youtube, etc.? If so, how can I do it?

EDIT: Oh, and by the way, long story short, this software must be compatible offline. I cannot simply use Youtube's video-capture service to upload videos directly to them. I won't go into any details, suffice it to say that, if I must be connected to the Internet to do anything except upload it, it just won't work.


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