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Only took me 1 hour to get my sound workin in Linux...w00t!! Damn now if i could just get gnome-ppp configured correctly. Linux would be at 100%!! :D
Hahaha, what sound card are you using? All my SB cards (SB16, Pro 2.0, Live!, Audigy) worked instantly in Mandrake, Redhat, and Slackware.. sometimes it's worth the $30 just to buy a new card and save yourself some trouble :D
I couldn't get my SB Audigy to work in RH 8.0, but it would work fine in Mandrake 9 at first.

It took me THREE DAYS!!!!! to notice that I had not disabled the onboard sound in BIOS. The Audigy worked fine after that and I felt like a Mr. Hugh Jass. (lol)
I'm just using the factory card in my toshiba laptop... It's an Ali card (trident) Hell it works, that's all I'm worried about :)
it's a good thing that you got it to work right... I had the same problem, my sound card wouldn't work on my linux os system. But then I just bought a new card.
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