Very serious IE prioblem , help pls!!!


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First of all I'm unable to run java aplications (Like in yahoo news - when you click on one of four last news it just selsect it , but if you havent java goes to notice page directly)and when I try to download from rapidshare(or same sites) where you can see the timer it says ,,enable javascript,,. But I have enabled java and all setting are correct , I also have the latest version of java. When I click rightmouse-propirities it gives me INTERNET EXPLORER SCRIP ERROR (all fields of which are empty-when the normal you can see the info ) where I can choose YES , NO and Close , if I click yes or no nothing happens , when I click CLOSE it closes but its unable to see how it closes because there are like 50 of them and when I close all appears 50 more. It gives me the same error when I trying to purchase a game from pc , like trial version games which later you can purchase or steam it gives me the error when i click on all games.

But its not the worst part , like you know IE is part of Windows and when I try to go in user panel it gives me the same error , and not only in user's panel. Also when I try to run search it says that it cant find the file
I dont woriied much for internet , but when the thing goes to OS its serious.

-I tried to reinstall it -nothing
-I tried to downgrade it(I have 7 version)-it says I cant downgrade it
-Tried to delete it-dont know from where , I cant see it in program list , in soft programs also cant see it.
-It's not a virus
Help me please.
It's worse that I imagined - it OS problem , many Windows components despaired , include I can't do defrag or search , I also cant repair it because
I have service pack I CD but the current version is service pack II , what can I do help , please , I don't want to reinstall it


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First do cleanup, fix up stuff like registry, and old files, ccleaner is a free program.( defrag. If the problems not fixed, Do a virus scan. Do a scan on windows defender too. You can delete internet explorer by putting in your xp cd. Then reinstall. Get updates from java. If then you still have a problem, use your xp cd to repair windows.