Very Limited Colors In My Xp

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igy bhoy

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I'm just new with XP, in my machine only very limited colors are showing such as white, blue, light blue. the other standard colors aren't showing there such as RED, orange.

For example, in MS Word, I wanted to change the fonts, when I select font colors, it only displays a very limited colors. No reds, orange, and other bright colors.

What seems to be the problem?
You would need to update your graphics card drivers, which you can first start with Windows Update.

2nd, degauss your monitor (usually done by pressing a button labeled 'degauss' or something similar, on your monitor's panel).

And if that doesn't work, check to make sure that you have a steady connection between the graphics card and the monitor - check the pins on the monitor connector and be sure that none of them are bent or defunct in any way.
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