Verifying DMI Data Pool...

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When I start up my computer eventually at the bottom it says:

Verifying DMI Data Pool............Update Success

Now, if I overclock something, and I don't get that message, what is generally wrong? Do I need to loosen RAM timings, increase voltage, etc.?
Upped the FSB and loosened RAM timings.

I know it isn't my CPU goofing up because I've run the CPU at 2.3 GHz before, but now I bumped it down and I'm trying to see how high I can get my RAM and still have a stable system.
That site just said to reset BIOS... although, I thought I had a better idea by just putting it back to my last successful overclock.
Yes, alot better and more practical. Maybe you went a little too high with the RAM.
Did you see the RAM sites I posted below? I was hoping I could overclock it that high, because that is the RAM that I have...

Also, when I start to loosen timings, what should I really start to loosen first?
Those are some killer OC's.

You should prolly start with the CAS latency first, and then work your way up.
Yeah, I don't even want it maxed... I'd be happy getting it to DDR 480... especially for VALUE RAM!
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