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Im from We are web professionals with over 5 years of web development services and over 3 years of web design on our backs. We operate two well known websites and one hosting company. We also manage over 100 other companies sites and have designed over 120 sites.

Feel free to reply to this thread if you are interested in Web Development, Coding or Web Design. :)


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Pretty crap site for someone with 5 years web development I am afraid. The whole site consists of 1 contact us link. WTF?


I've got to agree... Your using tables for the design, too? Tables = TABular data, which that is.. not.


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Unfortunately i have to agree with others,if you want i can create a dynamic php based website for you.Moreover i am well versed with CMSs such as joomla , drupal and zimplit so that would come as an added advantage.


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^ lol now that's funny. Someone offering to build a decent website for a web design company.