VB Runtime Errors in Frontpage 2000

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Hi there.. just wondering if you guys have ever come across this... and how you fixed it?

I keep getting VB Runtime errors in Frontpage 2000, this has only recently started to happen. Under Win 98se, no problem.. I then went to Win Me and the trouble began... so i want back to Win 98se (full format and install).. but the errors still happened. I am now running Windows XP... I still get them.. but they are very sporadic... sometime I can be working for an hour or two... sometimes just 5 minutes. When the do begin to happen... they stay!!!
I only had this when I didn't do any patches to the OS. I'd suggest running Windows Update to update IE to 5.5 or 6 to refresh the vb runtime engine. I don't remember if sp2 for Win98Se does the trick. Make sure you don't run sp2 again after IE unless you re-install IE later. Its not very smart
Thanks Chopper... I will give that a go.

In fact.. you have almost confirmed what I thought the problem was. I installed XP about 2 weeks ago... and IE V.6 was stable... no crashes... illigals... just perfect browsing. However... as soon as I started to use Frontpage 2000, and when I had the first VB error in Frontpage... things have got a bit flaky with IE now... not bad enough to make me wanna throw the comp at the nearest window... yet!. :D

I was wondering if the 2 things were related?
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