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Mohan Giri

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Hi all and thanks i n advance for helping me,

I am new to VB Programming and using VB 6.0. I tried to connect MSAccess DB using Data control in Tool box. I set the following properties for the Data control.

Database name:My DB path "C:\document\DB2"

Else are default.

Then I tried to specify Record source property in the properties window. If I click the property I am getting error "Unrecognised Database Format:'My DB Path'"b b

Can anybody tell me what mistake I did??
this might be of two general errors........

1. Check for the case sensitiveness of the file.

2. open the path of the place where the database is present then copy and paste the path in the place allted for the database path.

sometimes the error may occur if the database is completely blank with out any records.

try the above stuff if it is a dc or dao. ado requires some coding,,, apart from assigning the stuff
I searched in Google for this. I got a result stating that its a incompatibility between the DB engine version Jet 3.51 and Jet 3.6 in Access 2000 and VB 6.0. I tried some of the solution it specified like upgrading some file as specified in this link. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/239114/#XSLTH3133121123120121120120. But then also its not working.

Anyway thanks for your kind reply. Check this and tell me what mistake I committed if any. Take care. Bye
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