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I have a computer with a samsung dvd/rw burner 1GB of ram one 160GB hdd and a 250GB hdd an ATI Radeon 9550 256mb Graphics card, 2.8GHZ Intel P4 cpu, and an msi motherboard with a 400mhz fsb that i got out of a seanix computer and a sound blaster live audigy card. it has a fairly nice solid case which is reasonably cool im assuming its just some sort of genaric case tho cause i dont know the make of it. Anyways i was wondering if anybody could give me an estimate on what this computer might be worth. iv had it for a year now but just added the a second 512 of ram and the 250gb hdd. thanks


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Burner: $10-20
RAM: Depends on speed if it's PC3200 about $75
HDD: around $50 a piece depending on RPM
GFX Card: $30
Processor: $50
Mobo: no idea...
Sound Card: under $25
Case: $25

This is assuming you've used it for about a year or so.

About $400 total - It's probably not worth selling, and the price is decreasing every day. Just keep it.