Utopia: A brave new world of Tech.


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We're new to the circuit, but growing fast and we'd like to welcome you to come and check out Utopia - a place of glowing tech goodness.

Plenty of sections, news, reviews and exclusive screenshots of soon to be released software. If it's longhorn or STALKER you want to hear about, of just discuss the latest PCI-Express tech, then visit Utopia, and discover a brave new world of tech, AND talk :). Opinions, support and some of the finest linux guru's on the planet are there to talk to you.

Come along.

We are very interested in link exchange programs with other sites/forums and of course, making you feel a part of our community.

Check out the new kid on the block @ http://utopiaward.proboards30.com

Utopia - A brave new world of tech.
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