Utilizing 100% of PC

I ..Might... be getting a new laptop (well not new but used) from my uncle.

He didn't specify what laptop but named one he might possibly give me. The Dell Latitude C400. The C400 has a 1.2GHz P3, 256MB SDRAM (upgradeable to 1GB of SDRAM), a 12.1" Screen, and a 20GB hard drive.

My goal is to get Xubuntu working smoothly on this machine (i dont particularly care for GNOME so i dont want ubuntu). I plan to upgrade all the way to 1GB of ram, and put in a DVD-RW or CD-RW/DVD-ROM.

I want to use this laptop for multimedia (music playback, non-HD video playback, internet-especially for flash/divx sites like Youtube/Hulu/Joox, and DVD-playback). i think i can do all of it but will it do DVD-playback properly? it has 32MB of VRAM.

and i want to use Xubuntu to utilize 100% processing power and ram power outta this laptop. its old and i'm trying to get the absolute most out of the laptop as possible, and i heard xubuntu is great for that. this is just me though, i might be wrong. am i?

Captain Pooka

Daemon Poster
If you're going to upgrade the ram that much you should upgrade the processor as well :p.. sure dude, it will play your dvds. I have an old laptop that I fixed that's alot worse than that.. 800mhz processor.. It works