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I just played the UT2003 demo and was very dissapointed, but in a way it's not the games fault. My biggest and probably only complaint was the fact that the graphics looked straight out of one of the early DOS 3d shooters :mad: I did read in the demo readme that there were issues with TNT2 video cards, which is what I have. Does anyone know the extent on the issue with TNT2's? Seems like a game of that caliber should support most cards across the board, but the readme listed 4-5 different series' of cards that had issues with the game. Does anyone own the full game and play it on a TNT2? The game looked awesome in all the reviews, but after playing the demo, I have second thoughts.
LOL, early dos 3d shooters, eh? That game has some of the best graphics out right now bud. Your video card is to blame.

I play it with a Geforce 4 Ti 4600, and I have never seen its equal in graphics.
I have to say even with my video card, the graphics should have looked better. I can totally tell it's an issue with TNT2 chipsets, like it mentioned in the readme, but I don't get why the game wouldn't support those cards. TNT2's are nv5 in the NV series by nvidia, and geforce 4's are nv25, so i dont get the issue there. weird o_0
I'll just tell you that the game is still nearly unplayable on a 1 GHz Athlon with a GeForce2 GTS, even at 800x600x32 with minimal settings. The thing's a real monster - pushing the CPU and graphics card. :eek:

A TNT2 with only SDR RAM isn't enough to push the textures it eats - it was the bomb in '99, but nowadays it's only good for playing older 3D games. Many artifacts show up in newer games as well - Giants for example.
Oh well, guess it's time to upgrade. I totally know that the TNT2 is the thing dragging my system in games, as Ive got a 1.5ghz P4 with 512 ram, so it can handle any game computational wise, but the graphics are the limiter.

Anyone know a cheap place to get a GF4 ti4200? :)
newegg is one of the cheapest places I know of, but they don't ship internationally - just ignore that if you live in the US. The MSI GF4 Ti 4200 is one to recommend if you are having trouble picking one, but if you can wait for the R9500 prices to drop, then go for that.
Actually while searching privewatch I found a Radeon 9000 pro for $70! frikin crazy, but I dont really know the retailer. Is it worth a try, or will i get ripped off?
maybe they ordered way too many and are selling them off.

I use PRicegrabber.com it works Way better than pricewatch.
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