Using Coupler to connect 2 crossover cables


Baseband Member
I got this method to work before between 98 and XP. The only difference was I didn't have to use a coupler and my trayton modem was connected using USB instead of eithernet cable.
I ran the connection Wizard and changed the Internet protocol properties acording to Lynksis for setting up ICS.
I don't understand why I can't plug my modem in using usb and then use my eithernet card to connect the crossover cable.
The guy at staples agreed with me that you might not be able to use a coupler in between 2 crossover cables but he didn't seem to know any more than me.
Probably have to drive 25 miles north to see if Best Buy has a 35 or 40' crossover cable.
Does any body know what I should do.
I guess I'll copy and paste this to lynksis.