USB switches, for flight sim.


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Hey, I wan't to make a board of several switches.

What I was thinking. Was that I could somehow make each switch a different keyboard shortcut.
Like switch one is "SHIFT+H" and switch 2 is "Z", etc.

And would I need software to calibrate this?

Also, If I were to make a landing gear switch and where to lower the gear. Could I have 3 green & 3 red LEDs for the gear status?

Thanks alot in advance.


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This would be pretty cool actually. I like the idea a lot!

What you would need is an old keyboard what I think you might be able to do is just have the switch close the circuit of the keys.
when you press a key it closes the circuit and tells the computer you pushed it. So I believe you could just connect two wires to a key then those to a switch. When the switch is on the key is being pressed.

What you could do is momentary switches. (but not has fun)

| < wire ^ computer
|[ ] [ ] |^wires and switch

Would be like as if you were just pressing the buttons but it would look so much cooler and realistic with a flight sim.

Take note you might also need a remapping software for the keys.
On the other hand you might be able to just set which keys are which in the sim.