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Hello, I have had some trouble in trying to troubleshoot this problem with my USB devices. While I am playing games my USB devices just disconnect. All my lights are still one (Mouse, keyboard ETC.) However, I cannot type or move the mouse at all. Also, I have headphones connected through USB and I loose all sound. My computer isn't freezing however, I know this because videos will keep playing and so will games. I have to restart the PC every time this happens to get my devices to work again.

I have tried some basic troubleshooting. E.G. Uninstalled all USB drivers to let them reinstall again; Scanning for hardware changes; Windows updates; used a system restore point. None of theses worked. I have searched the forums and haven't seen anyone with the same issues.

If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated.

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Update Specs:

Mother board MSI MS-7a54

Processor 6800K

Ram 16 GB

Graphics 1080
Hi! Thank you for contacting customer service in (sounds cool!).

Try going to the Power Options in the Control Panel and change the plan to High Performance. If that doesn't work, click on its "change plan settings" then "change advanced power settings" and disable "USB selective suspend settings" under "USB settings."

I hope that works.
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