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Hve recently installed A7V333 motherboard with AMD 2200x CPU and use XP pro.

Back of computer has 6 USB 1.1 ports and all supply power, but only two of them actually work insofar that hardware is recognised. I believe there may be some jumpers that have to be changed on motherboard, but the manual is far from clear how this is to be done. In simple language can anyone help, please?
there should be two that are actually connected to the motherboard...but relating to the other four...are they the ones that slide into an empty PCI slot?
Thanks. Yes 2 USB 1.1 and 2 USB 2.0. Other USB 1.1 ports worked on a previous motherboard. They are on Video card and on Audio card and have power on them but do not respond. Do they, perhaps, become USB 2.0 ports which may not work with printer, webcams and ADSL connections.
no idea bro. if they're actually on the video and audio card, it's the first I've ever heard of it. can't help you there.

I was asking if they just take up the slot where a pci card can go (meaning the jacks that face out of the case). those have specific cables you plug into the board.
OK. I'll take this up with the clever dick who installed the motherboard for me. Earlier motherboard functioned perfectly. Am using a Belkin 4 way socket hub at present.

May be back, but, of course the PCI slots are used for various cards (Audio, video,modem, etc. and that's why I can't understand why I have this problem.
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