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My computer has USB ports on the motherboard, but when i hook stuff up it doesn't recognize it>?!?!?! I tried checking the bios but all it has is USB Keyboard Support. It doesn't say anything about Enabling or Disabling it. I don't get it, do I HAVE to get a new BIOS??? :rolleyes: I hope not, that;s a scary thought...
Well, my computer is:
A 333MHz Pentium 2 (socket type??)
Generic Motherboard
8GB and 4GB HDD
No Floppy (Not working)
4MB Video Card...
Try running Windows Update.

From Internet Explorer, and with an active internet connection, select Tools > Windows Update.
Idont think so...

That prob won't work, besides, i just got all the updates.
I am pretty sure it's a bios problem. Thanks anyway though.
Not neccesarily a BIOS problem......You probably have newer USB devices running USB 2.0, whereas your PC will only have USB 1.1. Although they say USB 2.0 is backwards compatible with USB 1.1, I have run into instances where a printer would not detect on a USB 1.1 port. I went out and got it a USB 2.0 hub that plugs into one of your PCI slots, and it detected just fine.

Also, check your device manager to see if the USB ports are listed in there and not Yellow Question Marked. If not, I'd go get a USB 2.0 hub. If they are marked (or absent), install your motherboard drivers again and see if your ports come up.
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