Usb Nic


Daemon Poster
Hey all...I just got my USB Wifi card and it's pretty neat. I doubt I'll use it too much in my laptop, but it's nice if I just need a quick wireless connection.

Anyway, it started acting up recently and I was wondering if anyone had some ideas why... Basically, I'd taken it out and gone back to wired for a while. Dad got home and I put it back in to show him. It acted like it hadn't seen it and asked for the CD. I clicked cancle hoping it would just pick the drivers up, but it didn't. I removed it then reinserted it and after loading the drivers, it worked fine...

Now, this isn't a big deal, just an annoyance really. What if it does this while I'm out and don't have the disk... Also, it says #2 out beside the driver in device manager and Network Connection #3! Is it going to keep adding up :-/