Usb mouse freezes and unfreezes.....


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.....undoubtedly my problem is a hardware conflict (irq). But there are a number of issues that are inhibiting me from troubleshooting this issue properly. My ps/2 port doesn`t work (I would prefer to use that port over usb). My ps/2 port is not mentioned in cmos so I can`t activate it there. Also my mouse is reported twice, albeit in two different locations, within the device manager which doesn`t report it as an issue. When I try to uninstall either instance the mouse stops working completely. I have also tried uninstalling my usb hubs and letting them reinitiallize. Mouse doesn`t work until they are detected and reinitialized. My f8 function to boot in safe mode doesn`t seem to be working either. I am getting an error when my radeon tries to reconfigure through catalyst on start up (I think this very well may be related [don`t know why I keep going back to ati]).


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If i'm not mistaken the PS/2 ports should recognize in Device Manager. You should be able to disable them there. If you are not allowed to get into safe mode. I would just suggest backing up and doing a format reinstall. Was the radeon card the original card with the system when the OS was loaded, or did you upgrade? If you upgraded the card, and didn't reload OS, that can also be an issues. ATI Catalyst Drivers are known to have issues with windows XP when the card is not installed when the OS is loaded.