USB Flash Drives Recommendations wanted


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Hi guys,

Can anyone recommend me some good fast 8GB or 16GB flash drives - I primarily want a drive that is compact (so it definately fit into the USB ports - as some bigger one's don't fit) and suitable for ReadyBoost on Windows Vista.

Thanks in advance


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Top Selling Patriot Flash Drives

The Xporter one's are the ones I have.
I have a 4Gb stick of that for readyboost and a 8Gb for other things and there amazing. File transfer is great - Had a 5Gb Stepmania file with over 25K folders and it transfered in about 30 minutes - Which is good considering how many folders I had. For larger files like movies etc the transfer is fast enough that you won't have to think ahead of time to put a file on it. Just plug it in, put the file on it, take it out and your off.

They also come with a small 6" or so USB extension cable so you can have more than one Stick in at a time. They are just wide enought to block another from getting into an adjacent slot. Case is rubber and I doubt you could get it damaged.


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Best drive i could reccomend is

survived going through the washing machine lol id say its quiet rugged.
transfer speeds are good on this although it doesnt specifically say ready boost readY? and ive not used it on vista./