Usb flash drive is write protected


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I have an Emprex 1GB flash drive that I was trying to use with my PS3, but then I learned that it had to be FAT32 and the it was just FAT, so I went to my computer, then right-clicked, then clicked format and went to change it, but right when it was almost finished a message popped up saying that windows could not format it, and then i went back and checked "quick format" just in case, and this time a message popped up saying that it was write-protected. Now the file system is "RAW" and I can't use it at all. There is no switch anywhere on it that would let me set it to be not write protected and it was working just fine before i tried to reformat it. Is there something that I can do to fix it or is it completely useless now?


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completely useless. i had this happen with a usb drive before, and a SD card. theres nothing you can do now.

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It may work being that Windows does things a bit different then this stand alone program.

It's worth a try other than just saying "theres nothing you can do now".