USB DVD Burner with crappy playback


Daemon Poster
Yeah yeah, I don't care much for USB drives but my dad wanted an external one and the firewire drives where so expensive :p

So anyway, I started playing a DVD on my laptop using this drive. I didn't use the built in drive because it won't run DVD+R's for some reason(DVD-R's work fine...) So yeah, I'm watching the movie and it all goes fine, untill the end. During this time, it start skipping every once in a while. Nothing bad, just little skips here and there. I know it's not the DVD because it works fine on our DVD player. I've watched other DVD's on the laptop before, so I don't think it's the problem(AthlonXP 2000, 256M RAM)

I would think it's just being a USB drive, but it worked fine untill the end. Dad's never had any problems with it. My laptop is suppose to have USB 2.0. *shrugs* Nothing major, but I would like to know what's happeneing...

~mr mixx~

The Candyman
Well you can relax cuz this is normal for DVD player's do this when they get a little too warm.

To prevent this ...try putting it in a location where it can get go ventilation...and instead of laying it

flat on ter desk...prop up the edeges to allow air to get under it as well.

i use to have the same prob. w/my DVD player, til i felt it ...and it was warmer than it should i prop't it up and now it does'nt do it anymore.

one thing to remember w/DVD player's is that while watching a's gunna heat up a little...

cuz, the laser light gets hot after know what i mean if you listen to a cd in the car for hours, and then change the's hot.