USB drive bootable thingy


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is there a way to burn a bootable CD to tell the computer to boot from the USB drive? what im saying is i cant access the BIOS so can i burn something like a boot menu to a cd so that i can boot from a USB drive? linux btw


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I believe that unless you can access the bios that you can't boot from a CD or USB. You need to make sure you can access the bios or at least a bootloader to do either of those things.

About booting from a cd to boot from a USB I don't think that it is possible. If someone knows how then please let me know.



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In order to boot fron a usb flash drive your bios has to first recognise it as drive in the hard drive listing found in the boot section of the bios or the boot device menu option seen on the first post screen. From there you simply select the flash or pen drive if already made bootable.

Once booted from any optical disk the only thing remaining from that point on is loading a boot loader of some type for an OS or utility like GParted. You can only boot once. To boot from a usb device after booting from a cd you would have to restart all over again and select the intended usb device.