usb cables matter!!!


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anyone here works for a company where you are dealing with sensitive data?

where its important that data is transmitted properly

what USB cables do you use?

now that analog audio and HDMI is past us there are companies coming up with these super high end "audiophile" usb cables

which to me seems like bs because data is data and theres always error correction which means you receive every single bit that you transmit after all said and done... otherwise it would be very unreliable if the file you transmit is not what you receive and we would constantly have errors.

please share what cables you use if you work at a place that handles extremely sensitive data

Joe C

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I do not work for any place with sensitive data but I would just make a copy of whatever it is and use that to transfer the data. I've got a few usb cables laying around, and they are just standard cables, a couple are usb 3.x and I do use those more often but I have never lost and data from just using standard usb cables. The "audiophile" usb cables sounds more like advertising hype just to get more of your $$$