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Hope someone can help !....
Im running win xp pro on my laptop (advent 5372,700mhz,256 ram)
Due to there only being 1 usb slot im using a Belkin 4-port USB hub which up to now has been running fine connecting my printer,scanner, web cam.
Ive just bought a labtec headset (usb) to use in conjuction with my webcam (sony cmr pc3) but when i use windows movie maker to record a video using the webcam i get an error message saying my capture device isnt configured properly (although ive installed the XP upgrade from the sony site) then a "bubble" appears telling me that the USB Bandwidth controller hasnt enough badwidth to use the headset to record anything ?
Ive disconnected all but webcam and headset (as the bubble suggests) but to no avail. This is very frustrating as it makes my webcam redundant except for "stills". If anyone has had the same prob or can help in anyway that would be much appreciated:confused:
I don't have the same problem but I do know that if you are using USB 1.1 you are dealing with significantly reduced bandwidth. USB 1.1 theoretically deals with around 11-12 mbits/sec but as with most things it can't or won't go that fast. Your webcam and headset require the largest amount of bandwidth out of the peripherals listed, so it is probably overdrawing the available bandwidth.
Now, if you're getting tired of hearing me say bandwidth, we can talk software... I personally don't know about Windows movie maker (Linux Rocks) but you might want to try another software suite for movie production before throwing in the towel..
Yep, trying to transfer too much data. Go get a PCI USB2.0 card (they're cheap, around $10) and your problem will disappear.
nvalhalla, I am not very hot on laptops, but donÂ’t think you get many spare PCI slots. It would be worth looking for a PCMCIA to USB 2 like this to solve your problem.
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