USB Bandwidth Problem


Golden Master
For some reason just lately i have been getting this error saying Bandwidth ussage is being over used or something like that

I have 4 usb ports from which i run Razor DB mouse, webcam, usb headset. ipod connector. Now the error i get happens with i mostly run my webcam seems to be using about 60% of the bandwidth and it wont allow me to use my Mic + webcam at the same time. I can only use one or the other. From my understanding of this (i really have no idea) the Mic only uses 16% but my webcam wont even show when im on say ventrilo. Ive had things installed in the passed on the same usb's i wondered if it could be a problem e.g. where my headphones are now is also used for a bluetooth key

Basically how do i free up some bandwidth or lower my webcams. The drivers are all up to date