US Weather! OMG!

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only rainballs for me :(

We're supposed to get snow some time next week, i guess we'll see..
Sunny Florida here! All we are getting is Rain too!
The last time it even snowed here - it was fake - more like hail, actually. Usually a lot of rain should be pouring here in this month, but it appears to be another drought year. :mad:
You want rain, Seatlle Washington is the place for rain, i've been over there for a weekend, nothing but rain. If you have an umbrella, the locals know that you're a tourist...hahahha
This sucks... Northern Canada, and there's no snow at all. It snowed once already, but that was only 5 or 6 inches, and it's since melted. I'm just itching to get into ski season, but it looks like there won't be a significant snowfall until January. Grrr.. I picked the wrong year to get new skis...
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