Ronco Rox

Fully Optimized
my friend has a dell dimension 3000 and i recently formatted his C; drive because it was loaded to the ying yang of virus' and virus like programs. i tried a restore first but it went back to a date still jam packed virus'. so when i formatted it everything was fine, until i realized his chipset video card wasn't reconizable and so was his internet. his chipset video card is an Intel something and i have no clue why his internet isn't working. he has verizon DSl and its a pain in the ass because i'm so used to modems. i don't know why his chipset isn't working but i can't get the resolution past 600 x 468.

i really feel like an asshat because i hate not finishing my work that i started . so if anyone could help me i would really appreicate it

here are his computers specs.

P.S. i was thinking because that nothing was being reconized if maybe i could install Windows 98 but then i thought again and said that nothing in his computer would be reconized and then i would be really screwed.