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In the future we're hoping to build/sell a product that's basically a color display on a surface. There's still a number of problems to overcome before it's a reality, firstly the underlying display technology, and so my question is in regards to what display technology will best suit our minimum requirements.

From a scarce number of books to the plethora of internet websites we've gathered names like: OLED, Ferroelectric, Twisted Nematic LCs, Electronic Ink/Gyricon, Field Emissive Display, etc. There really is no shortage of display technology types. We'd like to incorporate one of these display types (or perhaps a hybrid) in order to satisfy our future product's display capabilities. However, which of these display technologies "comes closest" to matching our needs is the unknown.

Our product's minimum requirements are as follows:

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++ Display Type: Ambient light reflective >= 40% reflective, Multistable - It makes use of ambient light to be viewed and is multistable so that once power is applied to change the display no additional power is required to sustain the static, color image, at least not for a long period of time. No backlighting required.

++ Color: >= 256 Colors per pixel, thus >= 8 shades/intensities per subpixel. OR, if its affective, something similar to Inkjet Color Printing using the CYMK model and dithering, thus 4 specific colors per pixel. Graphical display.

++ Resolution: >= 40 pixels/inch | Display Area Dimensions: <= 2"W x 5"L ==> 80 x 200 display resolution.

++ Speed: For the aforementioned Resolution, animation display rates would be nice but not essential. >= 1 frame/10sec

++ Thin Profile: <= 3mm thick that includes substrate, and addressing technology.

++ Surface Type: If possible, the display technology and enclosing substrates can be permanently placed onto a small, gently curving surface. Segmentation of the display may be necessary as a uniform rectangular display is not likely due to some areas being broken by 3mm plateaus/holes spaced by 5mm gaps.

++ Availability: The display technology is available in production quantities within the next 2 years

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At the moment the display technologies we think "come closest" to matching our aforementioned needs are: Electrochromics, Cholesteric LCs, Fast-response Multistable Liquid Crystals (FMLC), PDLC, Electronic Ink/Gyricon, and Guest-Host techniques.

What existing display technologies would you consider as top picks for further investigation?

Also, we're always open to book recommendations, URLs to explore, company names, and email addresses. Any additional information provided would be much appreciated.

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