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I'm thinking about maybe upgradin gmy processor, i have a P4 w/ HT 2.8 ghz, and found a Pentium D 3.4ghz on new egg for $170, do u think its worth the money, and will i be able to notice a speed difference?

EDIT: or should I just get a mobo for $60, and a E6300, or E6400, the only thing i would be worried about is the speed on both of the conroes because 1.86ghz for the E6300 seems like it would be really slow compared to what i have now, and the same thing with the E6400.


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well i think ud see some increase in both, but i think more in the core 2 duo becuz its ''the fastest processor in the world''. even tho its low GHz i think there are other things that make it faster.

not 100% sure, thats what ive heard at least