upgrading to xp from 98se

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i am trying to upgrade and everytime i get to install i get this error message, error 768, line 5118,d:\xpclient\base\boot\setup\setup.c, i have followed all the instructions i can understand. i shut down all programs with alt ctr del except for explorer before i started. i disabled norton, i dont know what else to try, any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks
two suggestions:
1. go to dos before trying to install a os (use the os's disket, allowing dos to use the cd rom context..).
2. go to safe mode before installing the os, though the first one is a better suggestion...

anyway, Win98se is the best. I'm using it for long time, and it's simply better then xp...

cheers (b), m8.
raidman.. wow, what a step up... this is what you need to do..

1) get more RAM... WinXP is a RAM hog, but runs smooth... If you cant afford it, it's best to hang out with XP until you can get some more. (MINIMUM requirements I tell my clients is 256MB for OK performance). Anything less makes you wish you had Win98 back! ;)

2) NEVER upgrade a WINXP box. My reccomendation is to back everything up and get ready to move for a fresh install. Microsoft has TOO MANY known bugs for their upgrade process being that there are SOOOO many foundational differences between the XP platform and the Win9x/Me/DOS platform. MS knew of this, however went with the upgrade CD anyway (tisk tisk). Start off from scratch. And if you have the upgrade CD, I do believe MS will let you install fresh if you have a copy of an old OS around.

3) Enjoy.. this will take less time than trying to repair.

I know this isn't the best choice, but I NEVER EVER reccommend users to upgrade to XP without doing a fresh install to get there. The truth is, MS doesn't reccommend it either. :-/

Let me know if there is any problems! :)

From personal experience, XP Pro runs a heck of alot better than XP home but I still prefer my 98SE... Microsoft says they will be discontinuing support for it in June 2003 though...:(
SePhErUm said:
256? i use Windows XP Pro with 96 and it works perfect.

I've seen the OS run on a Celeron 300 with only 64mb of RAM... quite surprising, though for the fact that these M$ creations are picky on the cleanliness of the HD.
I just switched to XP from 98Me, and I have to admit it is better. I had loaded 768 MB of DDR on my upgraded system to help the graphics, and discovered Me cant handle more than 512 MB of RAM. Also,If you screw something up with XP you can always go to tools, system restore, and go back to when everything was rockin. try clicking delete or F 9 or 10 when you are booting and go into the bios, set it up to boot from CDROM. Then install XP. I also recomend wiping out the hardisk, (choosing the reformate option) and starting with a clean disk. Everything seems to run better that way. Just make sure you go to all your hardware sites and download XP drivers before you start. Once you see how newer games look on XP with a 64 0r 128 MB video card and a lot a memory, you won't want to play the older software anyway.
IF you clean install make sure it's NTFS.. Trust me.. you'll get more preformance and more safety.
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