Upgrading to a better Headset, Needing of Help!


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Hello, I am currently using a 2 year old Turtle Beach x12 headset!

I am thinking of upgrading to a better headset and giving my current x12 to my Dad. I will be using the set for Skype and Gaming. Maybe a little editing/Music.

I am looking for;
-Sound quality which can hear steps in Battlefield/Counterstrike and can give me an indication of their whereabouts. Also something which can handle skype sound well.
-A Mic which is better than the x12's. I found with the x12 that my skype friends were complaining of backround noise like to Tv or other people talking.
-Comfortable enough for long use.

Like the x12's I would like the fact that I can hear my own voice and have the little manual thingy on the cord which allows Bass boost and Volume control.

Finally my Price range is under $150 maybe a little over. Typically a Mid range set.

Thank You!


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I doubt I would ever pay 150 for any headset, but I am a cheapskate. ;)

I use a set of Koss SB/45's. I play Battlefield with them and can hear footsteps loud and clear, as well as get good directional sense from the sound. No complaints at all about them. my butt gets uncomfortable with my chair before my ears do from the headset.

I got mine for 35 from Newegg.


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So I have had a look on the net and I came up with The Steel Series Siberia V2, The Logitech G430, The Turtle Beach Px22 and The Vengeance 2100's. I am leaning towards the Siberians but seemingly it's mic is a bit willy dilly, if you know what I mean ;)


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I have owned the following gaming headsets. Razer Baracuda 5.1, Stealseries H5 and H7 and CM sirus 5.1
By far my personal favorite of them are the CM Sirus 5.1.
  • They are comfortable
  • Have good sound
  • sturdy built
  • Has both Analog and USB connections
  • has a cool volume controller.
  • Clear mic
  • Nice software to manage the headset
  • best of all, 5.1 Surround sound

I am sure the other suggestions are great too. Haven't tried them.
No matter what headset you choose, remember to play around with the equalizer. Gaming headset to me sounds a little flat. But that can easily be fixed via ether the headsets management software (if it has one) or the soundchip/card manager.
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