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I want to "try" and upgrade my wife's SLOOOW PC. She's currently running a 500Mhz Celeron, 256MB, 20G HD.

I just picked up used system that has a PIII 933Mhz CPU, 512MB and a 20G HD. There is no OS on this system.

I want to swap Harddrives between the (2) systems and I DON'T want to lose any data or Emails from my wife's PC during this upgrade.

What do I need to look out for when I put the HD from my wife's PC into the 933 PC ?? :confused:




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Assuming the 20 gig hard drive from the first computer has the operating system on it, you will have to format the drive. That means you'll lose all the data on it.

Just install an operating system on the "new" computer then transfer the data with CDs or a jump drive. Bottom line here is that you'll have to transfer the data betewwn the two computers. You can't just take the hard drive from one computer and stick it another and resume operation.


u'll have to lose the data seeing as how ur changing motherboards. but what you CAN do
is put that hard drive that comes with the other system into the old one, and transfer all ur important files into the second hard drive. then take the both out. and put the one that was originally in the old system into the new one, reformat it, and then hook up the hard drive you put ur files into as a slave, and you will have all ur important files.
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