Upgrading My RAM and Hard Drive


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I have recently been rummaging around my loft and I found an old Dell Dimension 5150 that no longer works because of the power supply. However I want to take the RAM that is inside the Dell Dimension 5150 and place it into either a Dell Dimension 2400 or a Dell Inspiron 530.

The RAM that is inside the Dell Dimension 5150 is two sticks of 512MB by Nanya. It says it's PC2-4200U. I am hoping that it will work on both computers, especially the Dell Dimension 2400. Please can you help me confirm which of the two computers the RAM will work in.

Also inside the broken Dell Dimension 5150 is a Seagate SATA 7200-160GB hard drive. I want to place this hard drive inside the Dell Inspiron 530 as a seccond drive. I was wondering if this would also be compatible. I hope it is.


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The Nanya memory is DDR2-533 which will only work in the Dell Inspiron 530. The Dimension 2400 only accepts DDR memory.

The Seagate SATA 7200-160GB is perfectly compatible with your 530 as it uses SATA drives.