Upgrading CPU - Please Help


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I know my system is probably getting obsolete and I should get the whole thing replaced soon, but since I'm low on cash, I can only afford to upgrade the CPU. But I'm not quite sure as to which CPU my mobo supports as I never upgrade/replace a CPU before. My current CPU is a 524 Pentium4 HT and my mobo is
Northbridge: ATI RC410
Southbridge: ULI M1573

and on the mobo manual it said
�� Socket Type : Intel Socket T
�� Supports Intel Pentium D FSB 800MHZ
�� Supports Intel Pentium 4 Prescott 775 / FSB 533/800MHz
�� Supports Intel Celeron Prescott 775 / FSB 533MHz
�� Pentium 4 2.66GHz ~3.8GHz speed
�� Celeron D2.80GHz ~ 3.06GHz
�� L2 Cache varies with CPU from 1MB to 2MB (for 6xx series CPU)

So what I want to know is, what are some of the best CPUs that my mobo can support?

Thanks in advance.