Upgraded to Road Runners Turbo, unusual slow speeds [HELP]


Baseband Member
Alright basically before I upgraded to this Turbo service I was under the speed below that one. Alright so my download speeds on average would be around 450-600kbps, sometimes even higher on certain occasions. On a speed test my results would be somewhere around 4-5,000kbps down and 600-ish up. Well I went on a ten day vacation and when I came back I was informed that we upgraded to Road Runners fastest internet service, which was cool. Well now my download speeds will rarely even get up to 200kbps, usually like 120-150 which is really really slow. But, when I do a speed test it shows other, I'll get about 20,000kbps down and 1,900 up which is a HUGE difference. Also, even pictures online will load slower, instead of popping right up they'll load down like a scroll un-scrolling which never happened before. I called up Time Warner and was on the phone with them for two hours and had no success with anything, they're say in it was that I'm just encountering a lot of traffic on w/e I'm downloading at the time, which is completely false because it's the same at all times of the day/night. So basically they were no help at all, they're saying I'm getting what I'm supposed to be getting but I know I'm not getting an 1/8th of what I'm supposed to be getting. A possibility I thought of was maybe a buggy computer, I'm thinking this computer may be infected with some stuff, all the scans I run through different programs don't really come up with anything. So I really don't know what to do, any ideas?